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Potential Risks From Detroit DD Series Pan Plug
May 30th 2012 -

Potential Risks from Old Detroit DD Series Pan Plug

Detroit Diesel has introduced a new pan plug for DD Series engines.
Speedco has witnessed an increased number of the "old style" plugs seizing to the oil pan resulting in a high repair cost for removal of the plug.
To protect your DD Series engines and keep repair costs down, all Speedco locations will stock only the "new style" plug starting June 1, 2012. 
If your equipment comes in for service with the "old style" plug, Speedco will call to authorize the purchase of the "new style" plug per our recommendation. You may choose not to replace the plug in which case, your invoice will be noted as such.
The "new style" plug is a square drive with a black finish and includes a new copper washer for $14.99.

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